Basic package: $195  –  Total time: 45 min.

Comedy magic show using an instant theater at your party’s locale. A live rabbit produced by the birthday child who is the star of the show and plenty of audience participation. Every kid receives a Free “Dream Certificate” that teaches a magic trick they can do.

Deluxe package: $225  –  Total time: 75 min.

The entire basic package PLUS the Birthday child will float in the air and personalized balloon sculptures for each guest (up to 20). 

Here’s what to look forward to on your child’s special day!

  • 45 minutes of fun filled magic for the kids and the kid in everyone
  • Magic Rabbit brought to life by the birthday child
  • Audience participation so everybody gets involved with the show
  • Your birthday child is the STAR of the show!
  • Music to fit their theme: be it magic, pirates, princesses, fairies or favorite cartoon hero
  • Big balloon hat and sculpture for the birthday child
  • FREE trick for every child


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Yes, and he enables the birthday child and friends to make the rabbit appear in a magical finale. After the rabbit makes its appearance, all the children are allowed to pet it while learning the proper ways of meeting animals they don’t know. We encourage photos at this time because the kids are sure to talk about this for years to come.

We can make everything from a dollhouse to a full sized person appear. Of course, special pre-arrangements need to be made and an extra fee may be required.

The show itself runs 40 to 45 minutes. If balloon sculptures and or face painting are included additional time will be needed.

15 minutes once they get their items to the performance area. It’s a good idea to allow the magicians these minutes in privacy so all the things the kids see forthcoming are surprises. This is a great opportunity to photograph the expressions of amazement and wonder on your guests faces.

Simply moving the coffee table and giving the kids and area to sit on the floor is fine. It is remarkable what a backdrop that erects in seconds can do to add a sense of wonder to the party.

Yes, but keep in mind all the variables that can cause havoc at outdoor parties. Obviously weather plays a huge role, rain, heat, cold and wind can sap the fun from a party quickly. Also the neighbors lawn mowers, chain saws and barking dogs can put a real damper on the party.

We suggest allowing the guest to arrive and play outside during the first 30 minutes or so this allows stragglers time to get to the party. Then bring the kids into the performance area. After the show then open the presents and lastly do the cake and ice cream.

Gary can perform theme shows: he has a Pirate themed, a Princess themed and a Harry Potter wizards party. Holiday shows are numerous including Halloween and Christmas and the 4th of July. Given enough notice Gary can build a show around most any party theme.

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